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Wisteria Acres was created on our small acreage in Boring, Oregon which includes a circa 1906 farmhouse, barn and various outbuildings. In 2012 we planted a field of lavender and filled the barn with kiln dried lumber...a work in progress! 

The three lavender varieties grown on our farm are Grosso, Buena Vista and Munstead.  Our lavender is naturally grown, harvested and dried; we use no harsh chemicals in our soil or water systems.

We offer gift items and sachets filled with 100% dried lavender buds, culinary-grade lavender and aromatherapy lavender-flax seed filled heating pads & eye pillows.  We are currently in the process of creating a line of bath and beauty products using organic lavender essential oil and other natural ingredients.  Visit etsy/WisteriaAcres for a sampling of our lavender creations and pricing.

Ken would love to talk to you about kiln dried lumber for your building projects or show you his hand-crafted hardwood furniture on display in our home. Photos of his work are featured at KenVetterickWoodworking

Fresh cut lavender season is June, July and August (weather dependent)! 

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Packaging culinary grade Buena Vista lavender for the upcoming Harvest Moon Bazaar#lavender#cooking#
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Love making deviled eggs with our neighbors farm fresh eggs & our own dried lavender. ..jpg
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Lovely little Lavender Lemon Honey beehive's made with our culinary grade lavender buds...jpg
Lavender Creme Brulee...A great way to use our culinary Buena Vista.jpg
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Lavender Season 2020
UPDATE 6/19/2020
So happy to let you know that our lovely Buena Vista lavender bouquets are available for sale today at the
Mt Hood Farmers Market, 3-7 PM located in downtown Sandy, OR. 
Buena Vista is an English lavender variety that was created right here in Oregon!  It's deep blue color holds well for dried bouquets and it is also an excellent choice for culinary use.  
All proceeds will benefit Ant Farm, a Sandy non-profit that offers many youth oriented programs & services to the community.
Visit Ant Farm for more information about this amazing idea!
 Hello and welcome back to our farm!  We have been sheltering in place since the first of March and rather enjoying the quieter streets and fresh air.  Kept busy with seasonal spring chores we haven't minded the changes too much except to say that we greatly miss our grandchildren!
I do believe that during our quarantine time I came to think that the lavender
would also continue to "shelter" like us...however it always proves faithful & pushes on. It's looking like we are right on Mother Nature's schedule & will begin harvesting our Buena Vista lavender on/around the 3rd week of June.
Sadly, due to the current CoVid 19 situation we will not be hosting any public events during this years lavender season. 
We will continue to have fresh lavender bouquets available at the lower driveway self serve most days.  Please check our Facebook page for updates on availability.  Our online Etsy Store also has a few items & we will continue to restock. We very much appreciate your support during this uncertain time!
We look forward to next year when we hope to once again share our farm with our lovely guests!  Please stay safe and let us know if you have any questions or needs.  



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10307 SE 282nd Ave Boring OR United States 97009

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